Hello, and welcome to our page. We are a family-run kennel in the Northwoods of Minnesota. We are very passionate about our Siberian Huskies and the puppies we raise for other families to adopt. Our family consists of my husband and I and our six kids. Two of which are already grown and moved out but live nearby, two teenagers and two youngsters. We also have a son in law and two grandkids and a daughter in law and 4 adopted grandkids. Our kennel is located on 35 acres with an abundance of woods and trails for our dogs and family to enjoy. A perfect setting to raise our beautiful Siberian Huskies. We are family owned and operated and make it our mission to connect great people with our wonderful Siberian Huskies.We are a longtime Siberian Husky Breeder and have been breeding top quality AKC Siberian Husky Puppies since 1992. All my adults and puppies are AKC Registered. We spend much of our time working with our dogs and spending time as a family. Our Siberian Huskies are happy and healthy. When you see an Aruff Siberian Husky, you see a Siberian Husky that has the temperament and beauty that you should expect from a well-bred dog. My Siberian Huskies are my best friends. They receive the best care and loving attention at all times. My Siberian Huskies are kept in either my home or a heated/air-conditioned kennel and some live with friends or relatives full time. We invite you to consider our Siberian Husky puppies that we have available for adoption. Be sure to check out our other pages in the top panel to see why we are a better choice for a Siberian Husky then most other breeders.Every Siberian Husky puppy is raised lovingly with my children from birth which produces a much more sound and gentle temperament resulting in a much better family companion right from the start. This shows in the puppies we raise, as well as the resulting adult Siberian Husky. We do not believe in sacrificing anything in the process. Our days are spent interacting with our dogs, grooming, walking and playing (or even napping) I know the key to a rich relationship with any Siberian Husky is very dependent on good breeding and socialization.



Our core philosophy is that each dog is a precious gift of love and a lifetime commitment. Therefore, we take our breeding responsibilities seriously.Since 1992 our family has been dedicated to studying and researching the Siberian Husky breed. We are devoted to raising top quality puppies! Our goal is to make it possible for families around the country to be able to find the puppy of their dreams that is not only healthy and well socialized but also comes from many generations of healthy well-bred dogs with excellent temperaments. We carefully select each parent for the best health and genetics. All our Siberian Huskies are registered with the American Kennel Club and we are members of AKC's Bred with HEART program as all our dogs are screened for Hips, Eyes, PRA, and Cardio. All dogs in our breeding program have superior temperaments and personality. We concentrate on each breeding to produce the best quality Siberian Husky Puppies available with supreme health resulting in the best family companion available as well as show, agility, sledding and obedience prospects.


 I have an excellent history of health in my Siberian Husky's. All of my Siberian Husky puppies and adults, are always kept up to date on vaccinations and wormings.  We have one of the most extensive health guarantees you will find covering puppies today. That is how confident I am in my breeding program. I cover all our pups with a LIFETIME HEALTH & TEMPERAMENT GUARANTEE. Our vet comes out for a monthly visit and our dogs are thoroughly examined for health issues before being sold to any family. We also, start the house breaking process for an easy transition into your home.


We guarantee all our beautiful puppies are bred with the highest standards in the world. We select only the finest in genetics, conformation and temperament!





In order to do my part as a responsible breeder, my pet pups are required to be spayed or neutered. We do sell our Siberian Husky Puppies to loving homes as lifetime companions. I rarely place pups with breeding rights but we do occasionally sell puppies to responsible breeders whom we can trust to provide safe, healthy, happy homes for our Siberian Husky puppies. We DO NOT sell our Siberian Husky puppies to puppy mills, brokers or pet stores under any circumstances. I do my best to keep them and their offspring from ending up in puppy mills or in the hands of unethical, uneducated, irresponsible backyard breeders. My pups are sold as pets and are required to be spayed/neutered unless pre-approved for a breeding prospect. Please help to keep puppy mills out of business by not purchasing from them or pet stores and especially not from on line brokers who list all breeds of dogs.


When our puppies leave our care, they are HAPPY, HEALTHY, WELL-SOCIALIZED, and have had LOTS OF T.L.C! It is our goal that they stay that way. Anything less just isn't good enough for our wonderful puppies!! All of our adults are health tested and cleared for Hips, Eyes, PRA, and Cardio. This assures you get the healthiest puppy possible.


This breed is not for everyone, so please investigate BEFORE purchasing.



  "Siberians are beautiful, intelligent, athletic and gentle, but they are not for everyone."

  "These are pack animals. Siberians do not do well when left alone."

  "Siberian Huskies need exercise every day."

  "Siberian Huskies are a very gentle breed and well suited for the whole family."

  "Siberians roam and need to be kept in a well secured area, if they get out it may be impossible to catch them on foot."

  "Fun-loving, adventurous, alert, independent, clever, stubborn, mischievous and obstinate. all describe the Siberian husky."





**I strive to help provide rescue for Siberian Husky. If you can no longer keep yours or know of a Siberian Husky in need please contact me.
I will either take the dog myself or try to find someone who also rescues Siberian Husky to see what we can do.**

Certified Obedience Instructor, Certified Dog Groomer
Owner/Co-Owner/Mentor of Mini Dachshunds and Siberian Husky
Consultant to Breed Clubs, Dog Clubs, Schools, Therapy Groups
Consultant for Agility/Obedience/Training/Sledding



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Please only call betwen 9 am - 4 pm
Some people call at 6:00 am or 10:00 pm etc..
This is our home and we do have children, and a family so please be respectful of that.

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Amir has won his Junior CH of Moldova and his Junior Grand Ch of Moldova as well as best of breed!

Next he's on to take Russia by storm!