Health Guarantee

The Buyer Guarantee's

Buyer guarantees: to have dog spayed or neutered by 8 months of age.


I have found that I must elaborate here that you must also read the spay/neuter page BEFORE purchasing a puppy from us. Vets are now being taught that you should wait till dogs are 1.5-2 years old to be spayed/neutered and this can be disastrous for the dogs ending up with owners having behavioral issues to deal with and in some cases the dogs end up being rehomed. If you adopt a puppy from us it is required to be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age unless a there is a valid health reason and we approve it. Please understand this if you decide to purchase from us that they are required to be spayed/neutered  by 8 months of age.


The Buyer guarantees: never to place dog in a shelter, rescue or humane society but rather to return to seller where it will always

have a safe haven with people who love it.

The Seller Guarantee's

The Seller guarantees: to supply AKC and Microchip Registration within 4 weeks of purchase, both will be sent in and registered for new owner.

The Seller guarantees: Each and every puppy to be healthy for 10 Days, Puppies are vet checked prior to going and are guaranteed to be healthy and free of diseases to the best of our knowledge for a period of ten days from date of purchase.

The Seller guarantees: Each and every puppy's temperament, hips, elbows, heart, eyes and anything else hereditary or congenital for two years, however because seller believe strongly in NuVet Vitamins, Seller will extend all guarantees to A FULL LIFETIME HEALTH GUARANTEE provided that said dog is supplemented with NuVet vitamins on a daily basis and ordered under code # 80134. If buyer only wants the two year guarantee than buyer does not need to order the NuVet Vitamins.

The Seller guarantees: Each and every puppy with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For any reason you are not happy you may return puppy and all paperwork to the seller for a replacement or a refund 

The Seller guarantees: To be a resource and contact for the new owners in times of need or to just chat and visit if buyer wants. We are only a phone call away.

The Seller guarantees: that each puppy is raised in a loving environment with kids, a cat and other dogs and raised to be a wonderful , loving member of the family.

The Seller guarantees: that each puppy has received appropriate vaccinations and deworming for its age and to supply records to the new owner for continuing care with their veterinarian.

The Seller guarantees: that each puppy has seen our veterinarian at least once before going to its new home and will go to its new home healthy and with a current health certificate.

What does Lifetime Guarantee mean?


Lifetime Health Guarantee means that we guarantee the health of your puppy for life, against hereditary/congenital defects that are life threatening or disabling, if for any reason your puppy gets hip dysplasia, heart issues, or pretty much anything that is hereditary/congenital and are life threatening or disabling, we will give you a new puppy or a refund. What this also means is that you are assured we put only the healthiest lines and dogs into our breeding program and are very confident that our pups will have no problems for their lifetime, otherwise we would be replacing all the time. So you can be assured you will get a healthy happy pet for a lifetime. Most breeders guarantee for 1 year (or not at all) but what they don't tell you is that most problems will not show up till after 2 years and at that point you are on your own as the guarantee has expired. So not only is your pup guaranteed for life but you are also have peace of mind that you should not encounter any problems.



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